Opportunities for 2017 Summer!

⚠️ LagoMaggioreBoat offers you incredible opportunities for 2017 Summer! ⚠️

If you overnight at least three nights in a hotel in Verbania, you'll get a free return ticket to Isola bella

If you overnight one night you'll have however discounted prices to visit the beautiful Borromeo Islands, thanks to the agreements offered by LagoMaggioreBoat.

Enjoy immediately these opportunities and book your tour with Signora Paola or Namastè. 🚤

These are our contacts:

PIER: +39 336 23 61 32  DANIELE: +39 340 245 58 15

Or send us a WhatsApp and we'll answer immediately.

Instead you can write an email to: info@lagomaggioreboat.it

Book your tour with us and remember that the more you are, the less you pay! 😉






For bookings and information:

PIER: +39 336 23 61 32
DANIELE: +39 340 245 58 15