Lagomaggioreboat vi porta a Stresa



The town of Stresa first appeared in writing in a scroll dating from 998 AD under the name of Strixia.

From the 19th century, under the jurisdiction of the Visconti and Borromei families, the lake town began to gain importance, thanks also to the presence of famous personalities such as Antonio Rosmini, Alessandro Manzoni and Elisabetta of Saxony, Duchess of Genoa. The constrution of the Sempione Ralway in the early 20th century helped propel Stresa to world fame.


Stresa, with its great hotels, villas and gardens, is world-famous, especially thanks to the Borromean Islands.



Nature lovers cannot miss the beautiful Villa Pallavicino! The Villa, built in 1855 by the marquis of Pallavicino, enjoys a privileged position with a splendid view of Lake Maggiore and its islands. The park spreads over 15 hectares, and includes greenhouses, exotic and centuries-old trees such as sequoias, larches, oaks, magnolias and chestnuts. Villa Pallavicino is also a favourite with kids, who have the opportunity to meet animals they have never seen before. The park is home to kangaroos, llamas, deers, zebras, monkeys, toucans, parrots, owls and flamingos. Villa Pallavicino is at its best in spring, when its gardens are in full bloom.

If you love the mountains, the cable car from Piazzale Lido will take you to the top of Mottarone, from which the view is really breathtaking! Stop by Alpinia, the botanical garden on the slopes of the mountain, home to almost a thousand of rare species from China and Japan.



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