Rocca di Angera

The Rocca di Angera is a fortification structure located on the Lombardy shores of the Lago Maggiore. It is one of the few medieval castles that has been fully preserved and one of the principle strategic control points on the Lago Maggiore.




The base structure of the Rocca di Angera date back to before the 10th century when they were laid by the Longobardi. The existing walls of the 'Rocca' date back to later centuries. In 1384, it was acquired by the Visconti family and in 1449 it was sold to the Borromeo family who still owns the building.


Among the historic rooms to visit, the splendid Sala di Giustizia hosts the cycle of frescoes painted in the 12th century by the anonymous "Maestro di Angera", which represent events related to the life of Archbishop Ottone Visconti.



The 'Rocca' also houses a wonderful collection of vintage dolls belonging to Princess Bona Borromeo. It is the only museum in Italy of its kind, featuring collections of toys, books, miniature furniture, dolls, board games and table games from the 18th century to the present day.



More recent is the exhibition in the Sala delle Maioliche, an extraordinary collection featuring three hundred very rare pieces of Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, French, German and Chinese manufacture. A veritable riot of colour! Check the 2016 price list for entrance to buildings, museums, guided tours and solo guides, and contact us to organise your trip to the Rocca di Angera.


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