Baveno, with the best views over Lake Maggiore, facing the splendid Borromee islands, is rich with villas, pretty little corners and scented gardens.




Lots of things you come across, including the two epigraphs that can now be seen on the church facade, hint to the place being inhabited right back in Roman times. Fragments of ancient terracotta have been found under the Baptistry along with Arcadian coins (383-408). In 1844 a massive necropolis was unearthed in the park of Villa Galtrucco and a stretch of wall was uncovered during works to construct the 'Fonti di Baveno'.


The church of Saints Gervasio and Protasio in Baveno is definitely worth seeing, starting with the large cobbled porch you pass through on your way in. Here you'll also find the reception and tourist information centre, the library and the Granite Museum, another one not to miss.

Villa Fedora, set amidst the cool Community Park, currently belongs to VCO Chamber of Commerce, that has its offices there, and that has recently financed restoration works. The most majestic part of the villa, the one overlooking the lake, is characterized by colonnades that form overlapping porticoes between the ground floor and the first floor and lend a nineteenth-century touch to the house. Its lush English-style parkland, populated by oaks, camellias, mimosas, azaleas, is open to the public during the summer months.



Villa Henfrey-Branca, on the other hand, has a very special history dating back to 1871, when the villa's design was started thanks to the Englishman Sir Henfrey. Some nods to gothic can be seen in the building design but the English garden leaves no room for any doubt: Villa Henfrey-Branca is a tribute to the grandeur of English art.. Spires, exposed bricks, towers and marble terraces make the house unique and original, in fact one of the most beautiful villas on Lake Maggiore. As well as the park, the villa has a swimming pool, two small churches, a stable and a small cottage built later to accommodate caretakers. The Branca family bought the villa after the death of one of the Henfrey family and often hosts aristocracy and royals from all over the world.

Looking for excitement? Then we recommend you spend a day at the Aquadventure Park, the first adventure park on the shores of Lake Maggiore. A unique and exciting way to get close to nature: trekking, canyoning, hanging bridges, falconry, waterslides, as well as relaxing on the lakeside beach or at the pool and lots more besides!


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