The boats of Lagomaggioreboat

Lagomaggioreboat has two boats: Signora Paola and Namastè.

Our "battellotti" are among the largest to cross the waters of Lake Maggiore, they can, in fact, comfortably accommodate up to 60 people according to law.

The boats are equipped with all comforts, microphone, music and are partially uncovered for good weather and completely covered in case of rain.

SIGNORA PAOLA is a fully redesigned motorboat to serve as a taxi boat. With its hull, Tullio Abbate is considered a heritage of the Made in Italy tradition, rich in know-how with a timeless style.

motoscafo di Lagomaggioreboat per le gite sul lago Maggiore

interno del motoscafo Signora Paola


NAMASTE is an aluminium boat, first taken to water in 2012. Just the material with which it is made makes it a light boat, while also meaning that it has great stability, strength and reliability.

la tua crociera sul lago maggiore con il motoscafo Namastèla tua crociera sul lago maggiore con il motoscafo Namastè

interno battello di Lagomaggioreboat per crociere di gruppo


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For bookings and information:

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DANIELE: +39 340 245 58 15