Isole Borromee


With Lagomaggioreboat, you can visit the Borromean Gulf, a splendid area located on the Piedmontese shore of Lake Maggiore between Verbania and Stresa and which includes, besides the wonderful Borromean Islands, the hilly area near Verbania. The particular beauty of this Gulf lies in the perfect combination of art and nature which characterizes the shores of this portion of the lake.




For many centuries, it was the favourite holiday place for the grand families of the Lombard nobility, in particular the Borromeo and the Visconti, who came here to spend their holidays, where they built luxurious residences. The Gulf experienced its development, followed by the consequent notoriety, thanks to the Borromeo family, a prestigious family originally from Florence, who in 1500 built the Isola Madre building surrounded by a large, English style park, while in 1600 the the Isola Bella was built, an expression of the Lombard Baroque style, surrounded by beautiful Italian gardens. Up to modern day, the family stilll owns Isola Bella, Isola Madre and the two rocks known as Castelli di Cannero, where there are ruins of buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. The Borromean Gulf was a popular destination also for Ernest Hemingway and the English Royal Family.


The Borromean Islands include three real islands: Isola Madre, the largest; Isola Bella, formerly known as the "lower island" dedicated by Carlo III Borromeo to his wife Isabella and Isola dei Pescatori, named for the main activity which has always been practised here. They then include the small island of San Giovanni, located just in front of Verbania, and a small uninhabited rock called Marghera.

Visit the splendid Golfo Borromeo with Lagomaggioreboat, defined by the French poet Montesquieu as being "the most beautiful place in the world".

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