Excursions for groups

We organize and manage personalized trips for families, groups, schools, ceremonies and events, both during the day and night. We are able to transport groups and schools thanks to our modern motorboats which have a maximum capacity of 60 people.

We provide our boats for both day and night-time cruises, private parties, meetings, conferences and events of all kinds. For an extraordinary and unforgettable wedding, we can accompany you with a panoramic tour to share with your guests, to the place where the ceremony will take place, or to your chosen restaurant with the possibility of a photo shoot in the magical atmosphere of Lake Maggiore.

Reduced rates are available for groups, school trips, weddings and other events and extra discounts are applied on weekends!

The transport times remain at your discretion to guarantee maximum flexibility and comfort during your trip, the service is available 24 HOURS!

In order to organize your tour in the best way, and offer maximum hospitality we ask you to agree the departure and travel times with us previously.


Vista dell'isola Pescatori, Isola Madre e Stresa


How much time do you have available? Here's what we recommend:

HALF DAY? Isola Bella + Isola Pescatori or Isola Bella + Isola Madre

FULL DAY? Isola Bella + Isola Madre + Isola Pescatori or two islands + Villa Taranto or two islands + Hermitage of Santa Caterina

TWO DAYS? Isola Bella + Isola Madre + Isola Pescatori + Villa Taranto + Hermitage of Santa Caterina

Each quote is designed and customized based on your needs, request it now!


For bookings and information:

PIER: +39 336 23 61 32
DANIELE: +39 340 245 58 15