l'Isola Pescatori

The island of Pescatori, also known as Superiore, is the smallest of the Borromean Islands. It is the only island of the Lago Maggiore archipelago to be permanently inhabited.


The island of Pescatori was the only one in the Gulf that never belonged to the Borromeo family. Seven hundred years ago the island was a small fishing village. Then, with the advent of the "economic miracle" that took place between the 50s and 70s, it turned into a tourist attraction. During the day the island is populated by thousands of tourists; in the evening it is populated by just over 50 people who live there permanently.


Isola Pescatori nel Golfo Borromeo, Lago Maggiore



The centre of Isola Pescatori is characterized by narrow lanes along which stand the multi-storey houses built to make the most of the little space available. Almost all the homes have long balconies that were once used for drying fish. The Church of San Vittore is wonderful, dating back to the eleventh century. The building is full of 16th century frescoes, and is the destination of many couples who wish to marry in a unique place with gorgeous scenery.


The traditional procession of lighted fishing boats takes place at Ferragosto, during which the statue of the Assumption is transported around the island by boat. At Carnevale, a large table is set up along the shore and inhabitants gather to taste polenta accompanied by a good glass of wine. On the eve of Epiphany the children get busy to wake the "Befana" with the "carga vegia:" they run around the island with a rope dragging behind them pots, pans, lids, and anything that makes noise.


Processione delle barche all'Isola Pescatori


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